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The Top Personality Traits Needed for Remote Working

By Drake Editorial Team

Looking to adopt a remote style of working? Here are a few key personality traits and skills that today’s hires need in order to be successful, no matter where they work.

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Top Five Soft Skills You Need for the Workplace

By Drake Editorial Team

Drake International conducted a survey with over 100 employers with flexible working models. The purpose was to obtain insight on which soft skills were viewed as most critical to productivity in a flexible working world. Here are the top 5:

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How to Customise your CV

By Drake Editorial Team

You're about to fire off your resume to as many companies as possible in the hopes it will land you an interview with at least one company. But unfortunately, this tactic doesn't work anymore. Make your resume stand out from the rest with our tips and tricks. 

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4 Helpful Networking Tips

By Drake Editorial Team

Thoughtful networking provides a focused way to talk to people about your job search. Done right, it can help you obtain leads, referrals, advice, information and support. It is an essential component of any successful job search, but it requires planning.

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4 Key Components to a Successful Team Culture

By Gregg Gregory

Every team within the organization has a dramatic impact on the culture and thus an impact on the bottom line. So, how do you know if your team’s culture is in need of an overhaul—a makeover?..

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10 Keys for Reducing Turnover

By Bob Whipple

Reducing employee turnover is not rocket science; however, many companies struggle with very high turnover year after year. The common denominator of high turnover in organizations is poor leadership. Therefore, organizations that stress leadership development have an inherent advantage that can mean the difference between survival and extinction.

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