Our work contributes to a sustainable society and future.

Drake New Zealand is committed to becoming more sustainable. As a global company with a broad national presence across New Zealand since 1971, we have a responsibility towards the betterment of the communities that we live and work within.

Our sustainability mission for Drake New Zealand is to be consistent, accountable, involved in the community and to go green(er). We are consistent in, and hold ourselves accountable for, becoming more sustainable, both internally and with our clients, candidates and supply chains. In everything we do, we want to be more involved in the community, through our charitable support as well as giving back - through our staff and through our business sponsorships.

Every little bit counts, and together, we can make a difference. 

We have 4 key areas of business and environmental sustainability: 

  1. Diversity & inclusion: We implement an Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) policy. This supports the employment aims and aspirations of all people regardless of gender, ethnic or national origins, age, disability, sexual orientation, family status, marital status, colour, race, religious belief, ethical belief, employment status or political opinion. 
  2. Social sustainability: Drake is a proud supporter of local communities across New Zealand. We are committed to re-investing in the communities in which we operate, and we look to support and partner with local and small businesses to increase our social responsibility, create sustainability initiatives, and provide equal opportunity.  
  3. Procurement & supply chain sustainability: Our Commitment to Buying Local. Our suppliers are based locally around New Zealand. We strive to procure all trades and services locally. 
  4. Environmental sustainability: Drake New Zealand has a company-wide environmental mandate which is implemented through initiates such as: digitsing our registration process, use of carbon-neutral office supplies, reusing & recycling policy, donating goods and more.   

For more information on our sustainability commitment, please view our detailed brochure below.