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10 ways to increase employee engagement

By Drake Editorial Team

Engagement is a driver of performance, and there is no better way to bring along future stars than by engaging them from the start on those attributes of the job and the organization that drive their passion and energy.

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Five ways to effectively lead change

By Barbara Trautlein, PhD

Leadership is the key to successful organisational change. It is possible to lead successful and sustainable change, if it is led effectively. The problem is that, often it is not. Read the 5 ways to effectively lead change. 

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Job search success begins with knowing yourself first

By Drake Editorial Team

When you need a job – particularly when you need one now – seems like the wrong time to be thinking about “finding yourself”. After all, you have CV’s to send out, cover letters to write, and interviews to attend. And besides, it’s not like there is a well-defined path to follow that leads to personal understanding.

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6 tips for effective teamwork

By Gregg Gregory

Teamwork in the workplace is important for a number of reasons. Teamwork will boost workplace morale, work will get done faster and on time and for some, strong friendships will form.  Here are 6 tips to help guide team members to work collaboratively. 

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The Five Keys to Job Hunting Success

By Drake Editorial Team

To find a job, you need to focus, have the right attitude, prepare thoroughly, devise a strategy and follow through. These five keys to success will help you in your job hunt.

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Hate Firing People? Then Hire Behaviour Instead

By Don Schmincke

At some point, every business owner, manager, or human resources professional has to let an employee go. It’s a fact of business everyone hates...

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