Engagement Surveys

Know what your people think.


You track revenue and other business measures, but do you track the attitudes and behaviours that drive those metrics? What is causing turnover? What is driving morale? Is the culture still on track? Place your finger on the pulse of your organisation with an Employee Engagement Survey. 

Through this survey, you will receive quantitative and qualitative data on employee attitudes that drive performance, indicating where you are strong and what is holding your company back. By using the Drake New Zealand Engagement Survey rather than conducting an internal survey, you achieve better, more accurate response rates and objective analysis of the results.


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Once the results have been analysed, focus on a few key issues and then implement change to make improvements.


You will benefit from:

  • Understanding key organisational concerns, roadblocks, and opportunities
  • Assessing engagement and how to improve it
  • Identifying areas that will enhance morale and commitment
  • Gaining insight on improving productivity and reducing turnover
  • Actionable recommendations to help you make the necessary improvements
  • Customisation to your specific organisational needs while ensuring anonymity and security


Standardised engagement survey

This solution is specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses that require quick, cost-effective insight into what matters most to employees. The survey asks participants to rate 20 questions that best predict engagement on a 5-point scale.


It includes:

  • One-hour consultation with an HR expert before and after the survey
  • Creation and deployment of the survey on your behalf
  • Pre- and post-survey employee communication templates
  • A highly visual, easy-to-understand report of survey results
  • Actionable recommendations to increase engagement and bottom-line results


Essential Engagement Survey

We are pleased to now offer you a cost effective, non-customised survey option which can be rapidly implemented. This online survey takes only 10-15 minutes to complete and is accessible across all devices.

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Customised Engagement Survey

For a customized survey tailored to your organizational needs, please contact us.

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