Tips for Building a Winning LinkedIn Profile

Drake Editorial Team

In today's competitive job market, your LinkedIn profile serves as your digital calling card. It's the platform where recruiters first encounter your professional persona. To truly stand out, you need to go beyond the basics. Here are five essential tips to help you craft an eye-catching LinkedIn profile: 


  1. Choose the Right Profile Picture

Do: Select a recent photo where your face takes up around 60% of the frame. Dress as you would for work and project a warm, approachable expression. 

Don't: Opt for long-distance or outdated shots that fail to represent your professional image accurately. 


  1. Craft a Unique Headline

Do: Use the headline field to say more than just your job title. Share a glimpse of your role, passion, and what motivates you professionally. 

Don't: Stick to generic job titles that miss an opportunity to express your individuality. 


  1. Turn Your Summary into Your Story

Do: Create a compelling summary that goes beyond listing skills or job titles. Narrate your professional journey, and articulate why your skills matter. 

Don't: Leave this field blank or make it a dull enumeration of qualifications. 


  1. Avoid the Use of Buzzwords

Do: Be specific and authentic in describing yourself. Use concrete examples that demonstrate qualities like leadership, innovation, or expertise. 

Don't: Rely on over-used buzzwords like 'specialised', 'passionate', or 'strategic', without substantiating them. 


  1. Grow and Engage with Your Network

Do: Connect with colleagues, follow influencers in your industry, and share relevant content to keep your network vibrant. Follow up meetings with LinkedIn connection requests. 

Don't: Let your network stagnate. An active network reflects a proactive professional. 



Crafting a standout LinkedIn profile is an ongoing process of refinement and engagement. Regularly review and update your profile, explore new features, and maintain an active presence on the platform. 

Follow these guidelines, invest time in building your personal brand, and you might discover new opportunities awaiting you in the professional world. 


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