The Top Personality Traits Needed for Remote Working

Drake Editorial Team

Every hire you make must contribute to the bottom line as quickly as possible. And in a workplace that is moving towards a remote working environment, selecting the right candidate for the position becomes even more critical if you want to keep productivity humming.

In a remote working environment, employees split their time working between the office and home, or elsewhere. Some employees will easily navigate this style while others, even with the job skills and qualifications, will find it emotionally disruptive and challenging.

Because of this, it is even more important that hiring managers understand the personality and behavioural traits of top candidates. They need to understand if they will easily fit into a hybrid work model, the position, and the company’s culture. They also need to know what support new hires will require along the way to keep them motivated and energised.

Behavioural and personality assessments are a vital bridge to your hiring decisions. Understanding how candidates differ provides valuable insights into which person might be a better fit for the position, the team, the culture, and your work model. Assessments take the guesswork out for predicting performance and behavioural compatibility, thereby cutting down the time to hire.

Here are a few key personality traits and skills that today’s hires need in order to be successful, no matter where they work.


1.  Top notch communication skills
Working with others requires clear and concise communications. Points need to be made quickly and understood. Responses to important messages and questions must be made in a timely manner. Excellent verbal and written skills are needed to keep everyone updated, and to prevent misunderstandings.

2. Collaborative
Employees may not share physical space, but they are not working alone. Even with teams in different locations and time zones, they need to know how to work together to accomplish goals. It is vital that employees can build positive relationships with their co-workers no matter where they are located. Personal and corporate success depends on it.

3. Flexible & resilient
Whether working from home, from the office, or moving between the two, employees must be flexible to deal with evolving situations. Being adaptable, resilient, and having the ability to deal with pressure is also required to quickly pivot when routines change, and day-to-day work obstacles and challenges arise.

4. Reliable
Supervisors can’t micromanage every detail of an employee’s day. They need to trust that the employee will be dependable, on time for meetings, detail oriented, and feel confident that the job will get done when handed responsibilities.

What behavioural and personality assessments indicate:

A person’s skills, qualifications, and experience are very important. However, it is the behavioural and personality competencies that will have a major impact on predicting how successful a new hire will be in a specific role.

The following are a few personality and interpersonal skills that are naturally embedded in a person and more difficult to learn:

• Ability to get along with coworkers
• Excellent communication skills
• Listening abilities
• Team oriented
• Enthusiastic
• Confident
• Detail oriented
• Goal-driven
• Adaptable
• Strong organisation skills


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These qualities matter when you are looking to bring on new team members. They impact culture fit and job suitability.
Assessing a person’s traits, motivators, thinking style, and communication preferences ensures that hiring decisions are grounded in scientifically based data.

Accelerate your hiring process by removing the guesswork. Drake P3 is a scientifically based online behavioural assessment solution that removes the guesswork for predicting performance and behavioural compatibility.

It helps you quickly identify the best candidates with the traits and behaviours for your culture, the specific role, and your work model. Getting to know your top candidates better and faster also cuts down the time to hire.

And it’s not just for new hires!

Profiling your Top Performers with Drake P3 enables you to understand why their skills, personality characteristics, and behaviour attributes differentiate them from the rest.

Understanding your workforce enables you to focus on hiring, developing, and retaining the best.

Whatever your work model, remote, office, or hybrid, let Drake P3 help you identify the competencies you need to target top candidates and cut down the time to hire. 

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