Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion: Why Diversity Fosters a Successful & Thriving Workplace

Drake Editorial Team

As we commemorate Pride Month, it is a great time to spotlighting the impact of diversity and inclusion within an organisation. This is about fostering a professional climate where every individual feels acknowledged, respected, and inspired to contribute. Particularly in Aotearoa, renowned for its culture of inclusivity, it's essential for businesses to understand the advantages of diversity, inclusivity, and respect for all. This understanding is key in creating a thriving workplace for everyone.


Igniting Innovation and Creativity:

In an organisation diversity and inclusion bring together individuals from various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This dynamic mix promotes creativity and innovation, providing fresh solutions and viewpoints for problem-solving.

Guidelines from Te Kāhui Tika Tangata (Human Rights Commission) discourage any practices that suppress the unique identities and perspectives of LGBTQ+ individuals, whilst celebrating their contributions. The result is a productive environment for breakthroughs, providing a competitive edge within the marketplace.


Enhanced Decision-making Processes:

A diverse team offers a broad array of skills, expertise, and insights. This variety of thoughts enriches the decision-making process, and with the collective intelligence nurtured by inclusivity, businesses can make more comprehensive decisions. They can better evaluate diverse perspectives, risks, and opportunities, thereby fortifying the overall resilience and adaptability of their organisation. Overall these suggest that hiring and retaining a diverse team is essential to organisational success.


Boosting Employee Engagement and Retention:

Establishing an inclusive workplace enhances employee engagement and retention, as individuals feel valued. When LGBTQ+ employees are comfortable being their authentic selves, their involvement in their work usually increases, leading to heightened productivity and job satisfaction. Moreover, organisations that prioritise diversity and inclusion often draw top talent from various backgrounds, improving their capacity to retain high-performing employees.


Broadening Market Reach:

Given New Zealand's diverse society, having a workforce representative of the communities we live in can help businesses better understand and cater to their customers' needs. Inclusive workplaces build trust and credibility with a wide array of customers, nurturing stronger relationships and market growth. Through diversity, businesses can tap into new markets and discover opportunities previously overlooked.


Upholding Social Responsibility and Ethical Leadership:

Commitment to diversity and inclusion aligns with being a socially responsible and ethical organisation. Actively encouraging a culture of inclusivity demonstrates a dedication to equality and fairness, benefiting not only employees but also creating a positive brand image. As echoed by Diversity Works NZ, stakeholders who align with principles of diversity and inclusion are often drawn to such organisations.



Diversity and inclusion aren't mere buzzwords but critical components for successful workforce and organisation growth in New Zealand and globally. By fostering an inclusive culture that values diversity, organisations can unlock the full potential of their workforce, stimulate innovation, and cultivate a culture of belonging.

As we celebrate Pride Month, let's remember that acknowledging diversity isn't just the right move—it's a strategic advantage that leads to a more inclusive and brighter future for everyone.



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