3 tips to speed up your recruitment process

Drake Editorial Team

We’ve seen record numbers of job advertisements in February. Seek reports that in February, job ads were up 40% compared to February 2021.

With labour demand growing and the job-switching expected to continue, speed will be key for recruiters and businesses to secure new talent in 2022.

Candidates now have a choice of work and an abundance of opportunities, with many interviewing for multiple roles simultaneously. To remain competitive in the modern market, recruiters and talent acquisition teams must be proactive and move quickly. 

Here are our top 3 tips to improve the speed of your recruitment process:

  1. Proactive candidate management

Acting in the first 24 hours of an interview increases the potential to secure the candidate for the role.

Always keep the process moving, even if you haven’t yet had a chance to start interviewing other candidates. If you like the candidate and think they are a good fit for the role, don’t delay the process by waiting for others to reach the same stage – move straight to the second interview!

Savvy talent acquisition teams are moving fast.

  1. Communication

Active job seekers won’t wait. Applying for multiple jobs is a common occurrence, and if a candidate hasn’t heard from you, they’ll likely move on quickly to the next opportunity that makes contact.

Building a transparent hiring process helps form a trusting relationship where potential hires and ongoing communication are the key.

Always touch base with candidates to let them know:

  • When their application has been received and when it’s expected to be reviewed
  • An update at each stage of the hiring process
  • If there’s a delay in the hiring process

Any information that can assist the candidate in moving on to the next steps should also be communicated. This includes interview dates or times, preparatory materials for the candidate to review, and timelines in the recruiting process.

  1. Establish your recruitment process

A defined process doesn’t just allow for a greater organisation; it provides an excellent impression to candidates who are interested in new opportunities.

Before you go live with your recruitment project ensure your timeframes, actions, and the responsibility of each stakeholder are outlined and agreed upon at the beginning of the process to ensure everything is streamlined.

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Recruiting and selection have changed considerably in the last two years. There is a surplus of empty positions to be filled and a shortage of available talent to satisfy the demand.

Today’s employment market necessitates that the process is quick. The days when people were just grateful to get a job offer have evaporated.  Candidates can increasingly pick and choose where they work, and who they work for.  Speeding up your recruitment process will be key in attracting new talent to your team throughout 2022.

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