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Onboarding and Orientation


Onboarding & Orientation

Helping a new employee get up-to-speed is time consuming and burdensome when you have enough on your own plate to deal with. Drake International can help relieve that burden by providing new hires with an Onboarding and Orientation programme. Help new staff to reach their maximum performance potential as quickly as possible with Drake.


It's not just the employer who wants to see their new staff getting on their feet as soon as possible; new employees don't like feeling as if they are not fully productive, particularly during a probationary period. A small investment in an Onboarding and Orientation programme will yield results from the start.  Streamline your induction processes and facilitate this process effectively with every new hire to ensure that your staff are productive and can contribute to your bottom line at the earliest opportunity.


Drake Offers:


  • A bespoke, multi-stage process which begins before the employee starts work
  • Policies, training manuals, user guides and other documentation
  • A dedicated client manager



What is the End Result?


  • Higher productivity earlier in the induction process
  • Less burden on existing employees
  • A more productive workforce
  • Become an employer of choice


How is it Done?


Drake Consultants conduct an audit of your existing processes and customise a solution to your exact specification.


What is the Payoff?


Reduce the time taken for new hires to become productive members of your organisation.

Increase your productivity and staff retention rates; help employees to become top performers faster.

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