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Need more people in your warehouse team?

Do orders keep piling up on your order desk and you lack the resources to move your products in and out of your warehouse? The shortage of staff, the uncertainty of the future and other business challenges can be daunting. Drake is here for you.

Using our social media channels, referral programmes and industry networking, you’ll gain access to a large pool of vetted warehouse workers including forklift operators, reach hoist operators, process workers, and pickers/packers.

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Looking to hire permanent members of your team?

Recruiting the right fit to run the day-to-day operations of your company’s warehouse can be a challenge. Let Drake assist you in your recruitment process so that you can focus on your business

Take advantage of our 50 years of experience - our team of recruiters are experienced in the Supply Chain, Logistics and Warehousing industry.

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Is your Warehouse Worker retention a challenge? We can help.

Warehouse associates are so in demand, it’s becoming harder and harder to find and to keep them. Your warehouse and fulfillment center are probably feeling not only the scarcity of laborer but witness a lot of warehouse workers leaving for the competition.

Drake can not only attract the right fit but also decrease your turnover. Let’s talk.

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