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This extensive knowledge center has been created for our clients and partners to access critical business information. Here you will find research and business advice on essential issues in human resources, management and leadership, training and development and improving businesses productivity.


UPCOMING WHITEPAPER - Diversity landscape of businesses in New Zealand


Drake New Zealand has just released a Diversity Survey which aims to understand how businesses across New Zealand measure, monitor and create their diversity goals, and will also look at future trends for building and encouraging more diverse work places across the country. The results from this survey will be published in our upcoming whitepaper.


Share your thoughts on the Diversity landscape of businesses and be in to win!


This survey should take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, and to say thank you, we will enter you in a draw to win one of five (5) $100 Prezzy gift cards. In our mission to go greener, we will also plant a tree for every 20 survey responses received through our partnership with Trees That Count.


Click here to complete the survey.


Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance Programs - what is the return?

Some organisations view EAP as an employee benefit offered to improve quality of work life and morale, a "nice to have" add-on, or a form of employer "brand" enhancement. However, an EAP can have a significant return on investment. Employers often underestimate the cost of employees' mental health and life problems to the business, and how prevalent such issues are within the Australian working-age population.

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Downsizing - The right way to downsize that increases productivity and profitability

While there are many reasons why organisations downsize or 'rightsize' their workforces, such restructuring is most often associated with downturns in the market, either in the general economy or the specific market within which the organisation operates. The objectives of downsizing are to increase productivity and profitability, however these objectives are often not achieved and in some cases downsizing can have a long-term negative impact on an organisation.

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Improving Leadership

Improving Leadership Skills

There's one quality that has become a trademark of practically every successful executive: the ability to lead people effectively. Sounds easy? Perhaps, but it isn't.

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Improving Customer Service

Improving your Customer Service

No customers - no business. Right? That makes your customers the most important people in your organisation. Sounds logical, doesn't it? Yet for many companies, servicing customers is a low priority: at best, a necessary evil; at worst, a time-wasting nuisance.

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How to Let Go

How to let go of a team member gracefully

From the employer's perspective, a decision to terminate an employee's service has a number of major and serious implications if handled badly. These involve risks including:

  • Legal compliance
  • Financial liabilities
  • Corporate image
  • Public Relations
  • Client relationships
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Unreported Costs

The unreported costs in contingent staffing - The value of flexible workforces

The cost of a flexible workforce for Top 500 companies represents one of the greatest outgoing expenses on the balance sheet. Your investment can make the difference between operating profitably and bottom line losses. The need to reveal these 'unknown costs' has never been greater. This whitepaper will help you to understand how utilising a permanent workforce of top performers supplemented with a blend of the right contingency staff at the right time can create a workforce who will drive a strong return on your investment.

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Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews - How impartial assessments can improve staff retention

Why is it that so many strong organisations continue to lose excellent employees? High employee turnover costs these organisations hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet most are completely ignorant of the underlying causes. Read how a properly implemented Exit Interview solution will allow you to understand the root causes behind staff turnover, identify opportunities for organisational improvement, gather general feedback and offer recommendations for change.

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Effective Hiring

Effective Hiring - Practices to reduce the risk of mis-hire

Managers may truly be shocked to discover the hidden costs of a wrong hiring decision. Over time the cost of a mis-hire can be enormous. To avoid these costs, organisations need to have sound hiring strategies and practices in place to find the right people. Through following the recommendations made in this whitepaper, many of those costs can be minimised or even eliminated.

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Age Chasm

The Age Chasm - Successfully managing age in your organisation

For every new young person entering the labour market today, there are seven people aged 45 years and over available. By 2010 this will create permanent shortages in the Australian Labour Market forcing organisations to dramatically re-think their employment practices. 'The Age Chasm - Successfully managing age in your organisation' encourages organisations to take heed of the body of evidence highlighting this growing challenge. This whitepaper moves beyond realising the risks organisations face, to propose a range of practical responses and actions for consideration by all employers.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence - A critical success factor

Emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient or EQ, is sometimes called 'charismatic leadership' because it has a motivational and transformational effect on the team.

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Generation Y

Generation Y - Attracting, engaging and leading a new generation at work

Over the last couple of years the realities of massive generational change has dawned on Australian business leaders. While the issues of an ageing population and a new attitude to work have literally been emerging for a generation, it has been a sudden awakening for many organisations. In fact dealing with these demographic changes and most recently attracting, engaging and leading Generation Y are issues that our clients request assistance with.

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Employee Retention

Employee Retention - Reducing recruitment by increasing retention

Retaining your best staff is essential to your company's performance.For managers, nothing feels better than having a productive and happy workforce that is collectively focused on the organisation's success. Drake offers valuable insight into understanding the causes of undesirable turnover. In this whitepaper you will find practical and actionable employee retention tactics that will have an immediate effect on improving staff retention.

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Avoid the Counterfeit Candidate - Know Who to Hire Through Effective Resume Screening & Interviewing Skills

This white paper focuses on how Drake's Advanced Profiling and Selection Solutions ensure the best screening and interviewing practices for your organization. It also provides practical tips for developing an effective candidate sourcing strategy, improving your resume screening practices, conducting clear and structured interviews and how to measure your ROI to build a successful process.

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