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Who is Drake International?


HR and recruitment experts since 1951Do your current HR practices provide you the means to attract, develop and retain your company's most valuable assets - your people?

Do you find that improving the efficiency and effectiveness of those people a challenge?


Several global trends make it all the more important to attract, retain and groom top-class talent. These trends include an aging workforce, talent shortage, rising turnover, waning customer and employee loyalty, increasing competition, market globalisation, and pressure on profit margins.


One of the key challenges for organisations is aligning the motivations and behaviours of the very best individuals with the values and business objectives of the organisation.


At the same time, more and more companies are outsourcing non-core business functions such as HR, to leverage the strengths of other organisations.


When done right, the organisation can accurately identify competency gaps, pinpoint areas for developing people, make such development a targeted performance goal, and in the final analysis, convert employees from an income statement expense to an appreciating asset.


The Drake operating philosophy is based on the principle that organisations achieve the highest level of performance when they are staffed with the right people, working with the right skills, knowledge and behaviours, using the best processes and technology-driven solutions, over an extended period of time.


Our unique suite of Talent Management Solutions can be customised for your organisation to generate an Exponential Impact by improving performance, productivity, recruiting, retention, organisational culture, leadership, and customer satisfaction.


The Drake portfolio of offerings includes:


• Permanent and flexible recruitment

• Retention strategies and consulting

• Psychometric, behavioural and skill assessments

• Top performer profiling

• Team Building

• Professional development and desktop training

• Six Sigma and Lean Training

• Employee assistance programs

• OH&S training and consulting

• Performance management solutions

• Talent management and leadership development

• Succession planning

• Payroll outsourcing

• Executive coaching

• Employment Branding


Members of the Drake International Group of Companies are innovators in the field of Talent Management, Profit Improvement, Permanent and Flexible staffing and Technology Solutions designed to improve your productivity and performance.


Since 1951, Drake has assisted organisations solve wide-ranging human performance problems, staff their organisations efficiently and effectively, and realise targeted objectives.


We begin with a business needs analysis that pinpoints specific performance improvement opportunities. This offers insight into how we can assist your organisation realise its overall workforce optimisation strategy and achieve its planned objectives.


Challenge Drake to support you and your company to Outperform.


R. W. Pollock, Chairman

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