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At Drake New Zealand, we view sponsorship as both an investment to help and sustain our business and as an opportunity to connect with customers and to add value to the local communities in which we serve.  We are proud to be actively involved in the development and wellbeing of our nation and its people through a number of major sponsorships and a raft of community activities. Here are some of the community sponsorships, and events we're proud to support.


AHRT - The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust is a charitable trust theirs service is always available and they are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, 365 days in the year. Drake International is a proud sponsor of this organisation, helping them to help others and save lives.


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To learn more about the Auckland Helicopter Rescue Trust visit www.rescuehelicopter.org.nz

Workchoice Day


Drake International have taken part in Workchoice Day for the past 2 years proudly supporting the career growth of students.

Over 4,500 Kiwi students got a sneak peek into the future with some of the country's most innovative and progressive companies as they participated in the 19th annual Workchoice Day.


Every year, Workchoice Day sees more than 200 companies from a range of business sectors and industries across the country who open their doors to Year 12 and 13 students wanting to gain an insight to their dream job.


Workchoice Day develops pathways for students coming towards the end of their secondary studies and provides the necessary link with a range of potential employers and
career paths.


To learn more about the Workchoice Trust visit www.workchoice.co.nz



The AAPNZ (Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Inc) are a
professional association for administrative assistants, executive assistants, executive officers, clerical assistants, administration managers, office managers, personal assistants, receptionists, secretaries and typists. This is a national organisation, made up of members throughout New Zealand and overseas.


We are proud sponsors of the AAPNZ Drake Administrative Professional of the Year Award


To learn more about the AAPNZ visit their website at www.aapnz.org.nz



To learn more about CCiNZ visit their website at www.ccinz.org.nz








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